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If you are a business owner, then you have likely had a dispute arise within your business or with another business. Business professionals, family members, and friends often enter into business ventures with a common goal in mind. On the onset, they work extremely hard to make the business grow and enter into mutually acceptable business agreements regarding ownership of the business, buy-ins, buy-outs, finance, and other relevant matters.

As time goes by, challenges begin to strain these relationships and disagreements develop between partners, management, and shareholders. These differences could be on account of whether the officers and directors are discharging their corporate duties in good faith and acting in the best interest of the corporate entity, the rights and obligations of majority and minority shareholders, compliance with corporate procedure, wrongful termination and non-compete agreements, interpretation and enforcement of operating agreements, by-laws, and partnership and shareholder agreements, and breach of fiduciary duties, insolvency, commercial debts, and bankruptcy.

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Efficiently Resolving Business Disputes

Business disputes can also arise with another business, a customer, supplier, vendor, or other person or entity.

Commonly, such disagreements occur because:

  • A party failed to fulfill a contractual obligation
  • A person or company wrongfully interferes with your business
  • A party is fraudulent or negligent in its representations

Most of the time, business disputes are settled without going to court but the issues involved are often complex and require legal analysis. For example, determining whether based on corporate agreements and the facts, management has discharged its duty in good faith or whether a party is in compliance with a contract provision requires interpretation of business contracts and a legal application of such interpretation to the facts at hand.

Furthermore, corporate procedure or contracts may require the parties to resolve disputes in arbitration or mediation. Arbitration is an out-of-court dispute resolution mechanism which requires the parties to litigate their claims in front of an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators rather than a judge of the courts. This method of dispute resolution is designed to keep claims private and to reach a more efficient resolution. Submitting your claim to arbitration may significantly shorten the time it takes to resolve your dispute. Similarly, mediation is an attempt to settle a dispute through the use of a neutral third party. A mediator steps in to show both sides the strengths and weaknesses of their cases and tries to bring the parties to a mutually acceptable settlement.

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